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compiled-in binary tree: fsss project

Alexey Vatchenko
I developed a useful (for me :) utility that probably can be useful for
someone else. It's BSD licensed.
It generates .c and .h files with sorted keys and provides programer
with _search_ function that takes key as argument and returns pointer to
the structure. Key and values are read from special file with very
simple format:
        "key" {field1, field2, fieldn}
        "key2" "key2_alias1" {field1, field2, fieldn}

It just like have filled binary tree at start of a program. So,
programer doesn't need to sort data at start, he has them sorted

Read more:
Or better download source code:

Thanks. Any comments are welcome.

PS: fsss means Fast & Simple Structure Search :)

Alexey Vatchenko
E-mail: [hidden email]
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