bro-ids: patch or port?

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bro-ids: patch or port?

Jacob Yocom-Piatt
am currently trying to get bro-ids working on openbsd and noticed this from the
2006 hackathon listing:

"Alexandre Anriot
Alexandre is from Marseille, France. He got started with OpenBSD in 2002 by
making a few contributions against the OpenBSD ports tree. Alexandre was first
exposed to OpenBSD through work, preferring it over other operating systems due
to its focus on security and functionality. At this hackathon, his first,
Alexandre plans to update the ports that he currently maintains. He is then
planning to introduce some new ports to the tree, such as the Prelude Hybrid
Intrusion Detection System, the Bro Intrusion Detection System, and pgAdmin.
Alexandre is also interested in IPsec work."

if anyone has patches or a port that will get bro-ids to install and run on
openbsd, i would really appreciate them being sent to me.