booting macppc on iMac G5

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booting macppc on iMac G5

Olivier Cherrier

I have some difficulties to boot the latest snapshot on my iMac G5.

I started to install 4.9 through the official CD release.
Then, I upgraded to the latest snapshot.  At that point, it failed
to boot and I got :
I disabled onyx(4) and I got:

Diabling onyx(4) and smu(4) makes it boot.

I also tried with the 5.0 release and it crashed on onyx(4) but not on
smu(4). So with 5.0, disabling 'onyx' is anough to make it boot.

To summarry:
4.9 : works
5.0 : onyx(4) should be disabled
current : onyx(4) plus smu(4) should be disabled

Enabling the Openfirmware's telnet package works fine but it stops
working after displaying :

*** BEGIN ***
22:33:16 oc@sandy $ telnet napoleon
Connected to napoleon.
Escape character is '^]'.
 0 > boot bsd.current load-size=f7e4 adler32=9787458f

 Loading ELF
 >> OpenBSD/macppc BOOT 1.2
 booting /ht/pci@3/k2-sata-root/k2-sata@0/disk@0:bsd.current: 5993484/
                                                    it hangs here ----+
*** END ***

So, I could not get proper DDB log messages.
Moreover, the keyboard is not answering after a kernel crash. That's why
I took the pictures.


Olivier Cherrier
mailto:[hidden email]