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Bob Beck
Greetings All,

About a week ago I warned you all that the OpenBSD project did not
have the funds to cover our bills for the past year (especially the
ability to handle the electricity) and that our funding sources were
not sustainable.

As most of you know the news of our predicament has been widely
distributed over the last week, and the response from the community as
well as corporate donors has been significant - some of this response
has been hitting the internet media already.

To all of you who have donated, please allow me to give you a huge
"Thank You".  In a nutshell, we have in one week gone from being in a
dire situation to having a commitment of approximately $100,000 in
donations to the foundation. From a developer's perspective let me
assure you that this reaffirms the worth of what we are supporting and
makes us want to work on it that much more.

We would like to continue to build on your groundswell of support, and
have set a target for $150,000 this year in fundraising.  Please see

If you have contributed already - Thank you!
If you can help us by contributing - Please do.
If you know or work for someone who can help us reach our goals,
please contact us.