armv7 ABI break

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armv7 ABI break

Mark Kettenis
From the commit log:

  CVSROOT:        /cvs
  Module name:    src
  Changes by:     [hidden email]        2018/03/01 14:00:50

  Modified files:
  sys/arch/arm/include: _types.h

  Log message:
  AAPCS requires 8-byte alignment for 64-bit types.  We missed this when we
  did the big EABI switch.  Do it now before we get into trouble with using
  floating-point and vector instructions that actually require things to be
  properly aligned.

  This breaks the ABI.  In particular, file descriptor passing will be
  broken if kernel and userland are not in sync.  Upgrading from a snap is
  highly recommended.

  ok otto@, patrick@, jsg@, phessler@, deraadt@

As the commit message says, upgrading from snaps is highly
recommended.  If you don't, be aware that ssh stops working as soon as
you boot into the new kernel and that some daemons might be spinning
slowing your build down.  Serial console should still work fine.