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an alias switch in doas

Joseph Borg
may I humbly suggest the addition of an alias switch in the doas command. It would serve to shorten the command into something shorter and perhaps more memorable. I don’t think there are security implications as such but I’m no expert on security. I think it’s neater to have this functoinality tied to the doas.conf file.

I don’t think this complicates the simple design of doas. It can add a lot to the usability experience though.  The alias name could serve as a self documenting name of the custom intention as defined by the administrator and executed by the user.

An aside: is it possible to configure a doas.conf rule that ignores additional switches added at the command line? I’m not seeing it in the man page for doas.conf. doas.conf states that having an empty args option would satisfy the requirement:

> args [argument ...]
                  Arguments to command.  The command arguments provided by the
                  user need to match those specified.  The keyword args alone
                  means that command must be run without any arguments.

On the other hand, doas man page doesn’t have an entry defining what happens when [args] are specified:

> doas [-Lns] [-a style] [-C config] [-u user] command [args]

regards to all

example man page snippets for proposed alias configuration option:

#man doas

     doas - execute commands as another user

     doas [-Lns] [-a style] [-C config] [-u user] command [args]

     The doas utility executes the given command as another user.  The command
     argument is mandatory unless -A, -C, -L, or -s is specified.

     The options are as follows:

     -a style    Use the specified authentication style when validating the

. . .

     -A alias    Accept the alias name instead of the full command path when invoking doas.


#man doas.conf

The rules have the following format:

           permit|deny [options] identity [as target] [cmd command [args …] [alias name]]
. . .

alias name A shorter name with which to invoke the command and options.