amule 2.3.2 crashes on amd64

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amule 2.3.2 crashes on amd64

Aldo Mazzeo
Hello, I am running amule 2.3.2 on my apu2d2 and I get VERY frequent crashes, with the following error messages:

Assertion failed: ./src/common/fdiodispatcher.cpp:ModifyFD:113: Assertion 'i != m_handlers.end()' failed. modifying unregistered handler?


Assertion failed: ./src/common/selectdispatcher.cpp:ProcessSets:204: Assertion 'Assert failure' failed. NULL handler in wxSelectDispatcher?

I tried to post the issue, with full backtraces, on the amule forum ( ) but nobody replied.
Am I the only one experiencing this issue? I installed amuled through pkg_add.

Is there any other information I can provide to help the investigation?