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acpi and PS2K entries on i386 -current

I'm wondering, has anybody got a laptop with acpi enabled on -current  
that shows a PS2K device on acpidump and has it actually working?

I have spent some time trying to get my Packard Bell EasyNote XS  
working with acpi enabled and then fell back to trying several other  
distros including NetBSD.

The quirk seems to be that on OpenBSD if I boot it hangs completely.  
boot -c and the keyboard is frozen.

Interestingly enough on NetBSD the keyboard is frozen completely too.

 From various information knocking about the PS2K device provides acpi  
handling for a PS2 keyboard (one may assume that this covers the  
special buttons etc.). I'm guessing there is no handler for this at  
present in OpenBSD but I haven't had enough time to look into it so I  
would be interested to know of working systems with this entry.

The only distro that I can find that supports any form of hack to  
remove this handling is FreeBSD where they have custom DSDT handling.  
I had thought of trying that and then seeing if it was feasible to  
work that custom handling back into OpenBSD but alas FreeBSD won't  
boot the install from a USB CD, the PXE boot on my device hangs when  
it loads the Kernel, and the instructions I found to convert the  
FreeBSD neboot CD into an image to boot from a pen drive simply  
results in 'Operating System Not Found' on this machine :S.

So anybody got a device working that has a PS2K entry? or is this a  
known issue at present?