XDS 2010, September 16-18 in Toulouse, France

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XDS 2010, September 16-18 in Toulouse, France

Matthieu Herrb
The X Developers' Summit 2010 will be held this year in Toulouse, from
September 16 to 18.

We've setup a  page on the event on the X.Org wiki at
<http://www.x.org/wiki/Events/XDS2010 >

Call for papers

If you would like to present a talk on on-going work on X development,
or present innovative/original uses of the X.Org technology, please
submit your proposal on the wiki:


under 'Ideas', before Aug  16th.


As always attending the conference will be free. Registration is on
<http://www.x.org/wiki/Events/XDS2010/Attendees> is required though.
You will find practical informations on the main wiki page for the
event to organize your travel.

If you already registered on the wiki as 'tentative' and either have
since confirmed your travel, or have been forced to cancel it, please
update your information.

Looking forward to see you in Toulouse.

Matthieu Herrb
On behalf of X.Org Foundation Board

Matthieu Herrb