Valid ypldap.conf for Active Directory

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Valid ypldap.conf for Active Directory

Eduardo Alvarenga
Does anyone have a working ypldap.conf that can work with AD?

Here4s mine:

# cat

interval 100
domain ""

provide map "passwd.byname"
provide map "passwd.byuid"
provide map "group.byname"
provide map "group.bygid"

directory "" {
   # directory options
   binddn "[hidden email]"
   bindcred "pass123"
   basedn "ou=UNIX,dc=osalva,dc=net"

   # passwd maps configuration
   passwd filter "(&(objectClass=user))"

   attribute name maps to "uid"
   fixed attribute passwd "*"
   attribute uid maps to "uidNumber"
   attribute gid maps to "gidNumber"
   attribute gecos maps to "cn"
   attribute home maps to "homeDirectory"
   fixed attribute shell "/bin/ksh"
   fixed attribute change "0"
   fixed attribute expire "0"
   fixed attribute class "ldap"

   # group maps configuration
   group filter "(objectClass=group)"

   attribute groupname maps to "cn"
   fixed attribute grouppasswd "*"
   attribute groupgid maps to "gidNumber"
   list groupmembers maps to "memberUid"

ypldap -dv gets stuck at:

# ypldap -dv
startup [debug mode]
configuration starting
applying configuration
connecting to directories
starting directory update
updates are over, cleaning up trees now
flattening trees

Running ldapsearch returns the info I want, but there might be something
wrong with ypldap configuration.
Please let me know if you have any working setup.


Eduardo Alvarenga