Updating sysutils/direnv - GOPROXY?

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Updating sysutils/direnv - GOPROXY?

Ashton Fagg

I'm the maintainer for sysutils/direnv, and it appears I have a problem.

The current in-tree version of the package is v2.26.0. The latest
version from upstream is v2.27.0, and it appears among the changes they
have stopped vendoring the dependencies:


No problem, I thought, change the Makefile from:

GH_ACCOUNT = direnv
GH_PROJECT = direnv
GH_TAGNAME = v2.26.0

and point it to the go module instead:

MODGO_MODNAME = github.com/direnv/direnv

However, it appears that this is not mirrored on proxy.golang.org. In
fact, there is a version of the package, but it's from 2013.

I took a peak through some of the other go ports, as well as the
Makefile infrastructure to see if there is a way to have it pull the go
module either from Github, or just point it at a tarball somewhere - it
appears this is not possible, correct?

I am going to file an issue with upstream to suggest that they might
want to think about mirroring on proxy.golang.org, but wondering if
anyone has guidance on what to do in the interim? Is there a workaround,
or are we just SOL?