[Update] net/loudmouth to 1.5.3

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[Update] net/loudmouth to 1.5.3

Dionysis Grigoropoulos

the dev team of mcabber [1] has taken over the development of loudmouth
[2], so I've updated loudmouth to the latest released version and
changed the upstream location.

I've removed all of the patches from the port (except for one), since
most of them are merged/fixed upstream or are made obsolete. The one
patch I didn't remove has to do with tests and I've updated it to apply
cleanly, although I'm not sure if it's really needed.

Since loudmouth is a shared library, I've also updated it's minor
version because new functions were added to the library. I didn't spot
any changes on existing functions.

I've compiled all three ports that are using this lib, net/mcabber,
net/irssi-xmpp, and net/freetalk successfully, but only really tested it
with mcabber for a couple of hours. Seems to be working ok though and
fixes a bug that I've encountered in 1.4.3 [3].

I'm attaching the diff, can someone take a look at this?


PS. This is my first time messing around with ports (and cvs), so please
let me know if I've done something terribly wrong.

[1]: http://mcabber.com/
[2]: https://github.com/mcabber/loudmouth/issues/13
[3]: https://github.com/mcabber/loudmouth/pull/15

loudmouth.diff (8K) Download Attachment