UPDATE: x11/kde-applications/kbounce (KDE4 game replacement)

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UPDATE: x11/kde-applications/kbounce (KDE4 game replacement)

Rafael Sadowski

Information for inst:kbounce-18.08.2

ball bouncing game

KBounce is a single player arcade game with the elements of puzzle.
It is played on a field, surrounded by walls, with two or more balls
that move about in the field bouncing off of walls. The player can
build new walls, decreasing the size of the active field.

Maintainer: KDE porting team <[hidden email]>

WWW: https://www.kde.org/applications/games/kbounce

OK to import and replace KDE4 kbounce?


kbounce-18.08.2.tar.gz (2K) Download Attachment