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[UPDATE] security/kpcli (3.2 -> 3.3)

Alex Naumov
This patch updates kpcli to version 3.3.

2019-Aug-16 v3.3
- Allow open and save with key-only authentication, as requested in SF bug
- Prevent "multiple entries titled" warning in the /_found/ area, as
reports in SF bug #36.
- Fix two bugs affecting Windows, as reported in SourceForge patch #11.
- Mark /_found entries as "*OLD" when listed, if they reside in a group
named old. Addresses an issue where searches turn up "old" accounts.

What I changed:
There are no patches for this port.
Only version in Makefile and checksums in distinfo.

What I did/tested:
* make test (No regression tests for kpcli-3.3)
* /usr/ports/infrastructure/bin/portcheck
* make port-lib-depends-check
* make update-plist

Everything looks ok for me. Tested on amd64.
Also tested basic functionality of kpcli, like print version information,
creating new DB, restarting kpcli, trying to open old DB, etc:

$ kpcli
KeePass CLI (kpcli) v3.3 is ready for operation.
Type 'help' for a description of available commands.
Type 'help <command>' for details on individual commands.

kpcli:/> vers
 * kpcli: 3.3
 * Perl: v5.30.1
 * File::KeePass: 2.03
 * Term::ShellUI: 0.92
 * Term::ReadKey: 2.38
 * Term::ReadLine: 1.17
 * Capture::Tiny: 0.48
 * Clipboard: 0.13
 * Term::ReadLine::Gnu: 1.36
 * Math::Random::ISAAC: not installed (optional)
 * Sub::Install: not installed (optional)

ReadLine being used: Term::ReadLine::Gnu
Operating system: openbsd

kpcli:/> saveas password_database.kdbx
Please provide the master password: *************************
Retype to verify: *************************

kpcli:/> open password_database.kdbx
Please provide the master password: *************************


kpcli-3.3.diff (1K) Download Attachment