[UPDATE] graphics/xdot 1.0p0 -> 1.1

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[UPDATE] graphics/xdot 1.0p0 -> 1.1

Alessandro De Laurenzis-4
Dear ports@ readers,

The attached diff updates graphics/xdot to the latest release.

What's new upstream
- Use theme background on DotWidget;
- Faster rendering of large graphs;
- Treat sub-graphs as nodes;
- Support "outputorder" attribute when drawing.

What's new in the port
- Updated maintainer's email address;
- ${MODPY_COMMENT} lines updated in PLIST.

Lightly tested on amd64 only.

All the best

Alessandro De Laurenzis
[mailto:[hidden email]]
Web: http://www.atlantide.mooo.com
LinkedIn: http://it.linkedin.com/in/delaurenzis

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