[UPDATE] graphics/ipe 7.2.12 -> 7.2.13

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[UPDATE] graphics/ipe 7.2.12 -> 7.2.13

Alessandro De Laurenzis-4
Dear ports@ readers,

The attached diff (gzip-ed in order to avoid issues with MSDOS line
endings in emailing) updates graphics/ipe to the latest release.

What's new upstream
(extracted from news.txt):

  * IpePresenter now available on MacOS.

  * Allow online Latex-compilation using "latexonline.cc" service.
    Ipe is now fully usable without a Latex installation on your
  * Views can now be named, and view names can be used instead of
    numbers in iperender and ipetoipe (feature #136).

  * Add directory containing Ipe document to TEXINPUTS when running
    Latex (feature #243).

  * Add button to use external editor for Latex preamble (feature

  * Handle stroke opacity correctly in properties panel (bug #252).

  * Set Qt size policy for labels to fixed for better resizing
    behaviour (bug #261).

  * Various fixes.

What's new in the port
- Updated maintainer's email address;
- bumped shared libraries major number.

Other modifications are trivial updates.

Lightly tested on amd64 only.

All the best

Alessandro De Laurenzis
[mailto:[hidden email]]
Web: http://www.atlantide.mooo.com
LinkedIn: http://it.linkedin.com/in/delaurenzis

ipe.diff.gz (2K) Download Attachment