[UPDATE] devel/p5-Data-Types-0.09 -> 0.14

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[UPDATE] devel/p5-Data-Types-0.09 -> 0.14

Charlene Wendling

Here is an update for Data::Types.

What's new upstream [1]:

- Mostly distribution changes
- Fixed warning "Can't stat bin: No such file or directory"

Port-wise it's a simple version bump.


- 'make test' passes
- devel/p5-Class-Meta is the only consumer and 'make test' passes as
well [2].

Any comments?


[1] https://metacpan.org/changes/release/MANWAR/Data-Types-0.14
[2] https://transfer.sh/6Z80D/p5-Data-Types.tgz

p5-Data-Types.diff (1K) Download Attachment