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François Chambaud-2
Hi www,

Fix "your your" typo in 14.17.3.

$ diff -u faq14.html faq14.new.html
--- faq14.html  Tue May  3 14:44:28 2011
+++ faq14.new.html      Tue May  3 14:47:56 2011
@@ -2388,7 +2388,7 @@
 <li>Install machines that lack any other form of boot media.

 <li>Collect <a href="faq4.html#SendDmesg">dmesg</a> outputs from your
-your friend's computers!
+friend's computers!
 (As OpenBSD's dmesg is useful for identifying hardware, this can be a
 good way to prep for the install of OTHER OSs on a machine -- make sure
 you have all the needed drivers before starting).

Francois Chambaud