Two Apple G5s to give away (Europe)

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Two Apple G5s to give away (Europe)

Bernhard Urban-Forster

I'm giving away:

* Apple Power Mac G5 A1047: The CDROM drive is broken, but I managed to get
it working via network boot. It's running some Debian ppc64 right now.
* Apple Power Mac G5 A1047: Without an "air deflector" (detected by
OpenFirmware if mounted and won't boot without it) and defect power supply.
Maybe its CDROM unit works, I didn't try.

I would prefer pickup instead of shipping. I'm located close to Linz in
Austria, but I'm happy to travel a bit: Hungary, CZ, Southern Germany,
Northern Italy, etc. would be okay. If you are planning to do some open
source work, you'll get them for free. Let me know if you are interested.


PS: If you know some other communities interested in this hardware, please
let me know.