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Trying to get XVR-100 video card working with -current

Bryan C. Everly-2
Hi sparc@

I'm trying to get an XVR-100 working in my SunBlade 2500 workstation
and I'm hitting a roadblock I can't overcome.  Essentially what
happens is, the system boots.  Then when, on my AMD64 machines the
display changes resolution for the rest of the boot process, I get
some sort of crash.

I grabbed my smart phone and started video recording the boot process
to catch it, and I saw that it was saying:

BIOS signature incorrect 0 0

Then it started going into a loop showing blocks of single byte hex values.

I figured that I needed to grab the radeondrm* files from the firmware
site and dump them into the /etc/firmware directory and all would be

Unfortunately the problem persists.

Is there something obvious (or subtle) that I'm missing?  I have one
of the old PGX-64 cards that everything is working with; however, I'd
like to use the newer ATI card so I can get higher video resolutions.

I appreciate any help I can get.