Thanks to all who helped ... HP9000 K200 now runs OpenBSD 4.x

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Thanks to all who helped ... HP9000 K200 now runs OpenBSD 4.x

Rob Sciuk
As of today, Dec. 27th, with the latest snapshot bits, I have successfully
installed OpenBSD on an HP9000 (819) K200 system.  Specifically, I'd like
to thank Mark Ketennis who was very patient with my fumbling with the hw
and the firmware of the beast, but who stuck by me, and ultimately made
and committed the source changes which allowed the K200 to successfully
Boot, and moreover, install.  I should also mention significant
contributions to my effort were made by Eric Schnoebelen, and Alastair
Boyanich -- thanks guys.

While I've run OpenBSD before, it has typically been on Intel hardware,
and the smaller pizzabox (712) hppa platforms.  I'm *VERY* pleased that
this worked with as few gyrations as it did.

Thanks again.


PS:  Can someone point me to the repository to grab the latest snapshot
source code??  I'd like to be able to compile a kernal on this beastie as
well, and figure out if SMP is supported 8-).
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