Thanks for adding FanRx to RIDHA!

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Thanks for adding FanRx to RIDHA!

FanRx Team

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Thanks for adding FanRx Facebook Page Builder to RIDHA! We're psyched to
have you on board!

With FanRx, you can drastically increase fan participation and
engagement, as well as the number of "Likes" your page receives. Show off
your new Facebook Page! Go ahead, flaunt your Page to the world! You can
share or tweet this link to send fans directly to the FanRx tab of your
Facebook Page: need to finish building
your Page? Click Here! You can maximize the benefit of using FanRx by
including all of your audio, videos, events, merchandise and more.

[IMAGE]Tip: Including audio and video on your Page, while requiring that
users must "Like" your page to see certain content, will increase the
number of "Likes" your page receives. Also check out these great looking
FanRx pages... [IMAGE] Chiddy Bang [IMAGE] Train If you no longer wish to
receive emails from FanRx, you may unsubscribe.