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Tennismovies from Sweden

Now you donB4t have to spend thousands of dollars on lessons each year when
can receive the worldclass instructions right from your own living room.

Summer offer
Take advantage of our temporary discounted special membership rates.
All memberships are now reduced with 50% during Summer.
News: The movie Return of the Serve is out on the site!

To illustrate the return you will be able to see four different types of
1. The return on the wide serve
2. The aggressive return
3. The block return
4. The chip and charge

Movie lenght: 5.04 min

Stroke Analysis:

1. Send your movie of one of your stroke to [hidden email]
Name your e-mail and moviefile with your name.

2. After 5 business-days you will have your own stroke analysis in your
e-mail box.

3. You need the membership "stroke analysis" as you find here

Thanks for reading, good luck with your tennis and if you have any questions,
[hidden email]