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Sun SMP Hardware

Matt Radtke
Good afternoon

Not sure how close attention any of you pay to misc@,
so I'm bringing this to your attention in case it
would be helpful.

We have offers for some Sun SMP hardware.  Other
people would be happy to pay to ship it to the right
people.  Would the 'right people' please tell me who
you are so we can put this hardware in your hands?
Please respond to me directly, as  a) I don't subcribe
to this list and b) I'd hate for a stupid thread I
start to clutter up the list and make it less useful.



> > I've gotten a few replies with people interested
> in
> > parting with E450s, 250s, 280s, and 220s (I have
> an
> > Ultra 2 to throw onto the pile, for what its
> worth).
> > So far, every reply has been, "It's yours if you
> pay
> > to ship it."
> >
> > If any devs would find any of these useful, or
> know of
> > a dev who would find them useful, please let me
> know.
> > I'm happy to get this rolling--either by myself or
> > with the help of others.
> Count me in; I will help pay shipping as well.
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