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John Cen
Dear Sir or Madam,


Sinic Tech Silicone Company devoted to supplying silicone rubber products
since registered and established in Hong Kong 1998. Through years of

painstaking efforts, we have established cooperation relations all over the

world, especial in Europe, Canada, Australia and South America market.


We carry a full line of high quality products and most of them have CE, FCC

and ROHS certificates. Each of them can be completely customized to fit

your specific demands. Besides, we can satisfy your OEM and ODM needs

as you sending us your artwork or telling us your requirements.


With 10 years' export experience, we know that variety is important to our

clients, and the plentiful export experience enables us to have acute

in the international markets. This is why our clients always have new and

innovative products for their marketplace.


We aim to provide value-added services to all our customers with a

management team of insight. Now, we are looking forward to building
long-term and cooperative relationships with you.


For more information, please visit our website


With kindest regards,

John Cen / Sales Manager

Email:  <mailto:[hidden email]> [hidden email]

Tel : +86 755 2188 1753

Fax :+86 755 8947 5896

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