Should the amd64 page be updated yet? (revisited)

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Should the amd64 page be updated yet? (revisited)

I'm wondering if anybody knows the stepping numbers of the ia32e  
processors that implement the no execute bit properly in the page  

I think this would be useful information for the amd64 page,

I know there is an errata on the core 2 boxes around this bit  
effecting both cores when one encounters the PTE but I believe that  
doesn't effect OpenBSD right? We are fully symmetric aren't we (apart  
from boot code)?

Somebody in an earlier threat considered that the PTE shouldn't  
effect both cores if that particular PTE reference was only paged by  
one of the cores. I haven't had a look at the recent PTE structures  
for this processor but if it is legitimate that the same page can be  
referenced by two PTEs that refer to the same logical page then I  
guess the processor should really honour the bit per core - just in  
case somebody is constructing something proprietary and asymmetric  

Anyway, what do you think about including the stepping #s of Intel  
processors that work on the amd64 page?