Setting custom fib-priority on certain bgpd received routes

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Setting custom fib-priority on certain bgpd received routes


I am running bgpd and ospfd which redistribute routes between them.
Bgpd labels routes with rtlabels which ospfd picks up (redistribute
rtlabel). Bgpd announced the ospfd genereated routes via fixed
"network <prefix>" statements.

Now to my problem. As my sites are multiaccess and ospf is full mesh
of all routers in the site I get multiple routes to the same external
destination from all the BGP border routers. All fine and well except
for the default priority of 48 (in bgpd) and 32 (in ospfd). So,
traffic originating on a bgp border router is not sent externally at
once but forwarded to the best ospf router before being sent

I tried setting the fib-priority in bgpd to <32 and that solves this
problem but introduces another. The traffic that has an internal
destination (i.e. anycast resolvers) is punted externally if generated
on the border routers.

Suggestions on how to solve this with ospfd and bgpd?
Setting a custom fib priority on certain bgp learned routes? (possible?)
Ditching one of the protocols entirely?