RockPro64 on -current: lookup sd0a:/bsd failed

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RockPro64 on -current: lookup sd0a:/bsd failed

Simon Penrose
I have a PINE64 RockPro64 v2.1 board on which I am trying to boot -current (built 2020-09-22). I booted into the installer from an SD card and successfully installed all packages onto an external USB 2.0 SSD (Samsung Portable SSD T5) by following I removed the SD card, rebooted, and got as far as the following lines after repeated attempts:

    bootfile: sd0a:/bsd
    boot device: lookup sd0a:/bsd failed
    root device:

If I press Enter, all I get is:

    use one of: exit dwge0
    root device:

Is booting from an external drive supported or do I need to install onto and boot from an SD card? Serial log attached.



RockPro64 -current 2020-09-22 dmesg.txt (58K) Download Attachment