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Remove more duplicate entries on donor list

Tae Wong
Here are more duplicate entries to remove from the donor list:
(Theo needs to do this!)

Ricardo R. Aliwalas
Rick Aliwalas

Søren Aurehøj
Soeren Kajander Aurehoej

Jean-Luc Besson
Besson Jean-Luc (name inverted)

Jean-Marc Capellero
Capellero Jean-Marc (name inverted)

Liang-Heng Chen
Chen Liang-Heng (name inverted)

Tzun Hau Choong
Choong Tzun Hau (name inverted)

Michael Erdely
Michael Erdely (without link)

Boris JM Fabbro
Boris Fabbro

Nikolai N. Fetissov
Nikolai Fetissov

Jorge R. Garcia de Alba
Jorge R Garcia de Alba

Robert A Garrison
Robert Garrison

Yves Grossiord
Grossiord Yves (name inverted)

Larry Gump
Gump Larry (name inverted)

Allan J. Heim
Allan J Heim, Allan Heim

Borja Manuel T. Hueso
Borja Tarrasó Hueso

Henrik Lund Kramshøj
Henrik Kramshoej, Henrik Kramshøj

Ram A Moskowitz
Ram Moskowitz

Takaharu Nakano
Nakano Takaharu (name inverted)

Jonathan Nierenburg
Jon Nierenburg

Steven O. Pauly
Steven Pauly

Mark Peoples (second column)
Mark Peoples (fourth column)

Fabien Aratbi Dit Perrot
Fabien Perrot

Jacomo Dimmit Boca Piccolini
Jacomo Piccolini

Douglas B. Quayle
D. B. Quayle


Ludo Smissaert (fourth with link)
Ludo Smissaert (second and fourth without link)

Geoffrey W. Steckel
Geoff Steckel

Mark J. Stralka
Mark J Stralka

Bjorn Vandenheede
Vandenheede Bjorn (name inverted)

Andre van Eyssen
Andre Van Eyssen (particle capitalized)

J. Fergus Wilde
J Fergus Wilde

Ward Wouts
W.W. Wouts, WW Wouts

David du Colombier appears with his particle not capitalized on his last name.

The source page is: