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Re: umass trouble with USB flash drive

Roger Neth Jr
On 11/29/05, Matt Rowley <[hidden email]> wrote:

> > I have recently installed OpenBSD 3.8 from the official CDs.
> > The Flash drive that worked perfectly in OpenBSD 3.6 and OpenBSD 3.7 now
> > misbehaves.
> Hi, Zvezdan... not to be pedantic, but have you confirmed the flash drive
> working on another machine?  The only time I've seen errors like that,
> the drive itself was nearing its demise.
> cheers,
> --Matt
Hello, I have an old Sandisk 256 mini cruzer that times out on both
3.7 and 3.8. It worked before on 3.7 and works on XP. I tried a new
micro cruzer 512 and it works on all. I take this to mean that the
mini cruzer is getting close to it's demise.


John 3:16