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James Shupe-4
On 05/03/2012 09:03 PM, Matthew Via wrote:

> Hi, I am the owner of  I had the mirror added about a
> year ago, and I try (with decent success) to keep it up to date, but
> both the tier1 mirror I was assigned ( and
> will never sync with me at more than 100-200 KB/s,
> and frequently disconnect after only a few hours of syncing.  All other
> mirrors I've looked at have had 5.1 since it came out, I am still
> syncing days later.
> Is there anything that can be done? Was my machine supposed to be
> whitelisted but didn't?  I have a symmetric 100 Mbit connection, so I
> know it is not me.
> Thank you, Matthew

I run and found the same speeds (200KB/s) from ftp3 and
ftp5 over the last couple of days. I finally moved to
and found 1-2MB/s. We're still trying to get into sync after that.

We have 1Gbit AboveNet, 1Gbit Cogent, 1Gbit I2, and 1Gbit Cogent/L3
blend through TEA (peering courtesy of OpenBGPD!).

I've tried statically routing over specific peers to no avail.

Thank you,
James Shupe

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