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Re: mg missing functions?

--- Michael Hutt" <[hidden email] wrote:

>I was trying to use mg
at home and all of the documentation seems to

> indicate that 'C-x 3' should
split the window horizontally and 'C-x 2'

> should split the window vertically.
 In reality, 'C-x 2' splits the

> screen horizontally and 'C-x 3' does nothing.
 I haven't changed any

> settings and my ~/.mg file is blank.

What documentation
are you referring to?

> 'M-x describe-bindings' shows 'C-x 2' bound to

> 'split-window-vertically', so I have no idea what is going on with

> that.
 Am I missing something?  I'm pretty new to the emacs/mg world.

> Isn't it
supposed be functionaly equivalent to emacs in text editing?

No, it's supposed
to be *compatible* with emacs. File size alone should hint that it does only
a subset of what a full-blown emacs will do.

And if you ask emacs what
C-x 2 is supposed to do, it will tell you:

>C-x 2 runs the command split-window-vertically

>   which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `window'.

&optional ARG)

>Split current window into two windows, one above the other.


C-x 3 is not implemented in mg, as you have already discovered.