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Landry Breuil-6
On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 03:36:36PM -0600, joshua stein wrote:

> Now that MariaDB builds on non-x86 platforms by disabling its
> non-blocking API[0], can we re-enable it in databases/Makefile to
> start building packages for it?
> I think it still needs more testing[1] before we completely replace
> MySQL with it as it was done the first time, but it would make it
> easier to test migration and other packages if all of them that
> depend on mysql can instead depend on mariadb if it's installed
> (defaulting to mysql for now).  Do the package tools support
> expressing this type of either-or dependency on conflicting
> packages?

As for LIB_DEPENDS, i'm not sure we can express the same.

problem with having both is that they conflict and might lead to issues
during bulks, if some ports start depending on exclusively one or the