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Re: isakmpd + gre crashing on OpenBSD 3.8

Brian A. Seklecki
> But as soon as I start an scp from Perspex to Soekris, Perspex reboots
> after a few hundred kb.  Unfortunately, Perspex is in a datacenter and I
> do not have console access to it to see what the heck is happening at that
> exact moment.

I don't recall.  But for the record (IPSEC inside GRE):

If the Transport IPSEC connection is negotiated between two hosts inside the
GRE tunnel private subnet and the IPSEC connection goes down, the data flows in
cleartext.  *bad*

The opposite would be (GRE-inside-IPSEC-Transport):

If the Transport IPSEC tunnel is built between the two hosts` public interfaces
and the GRE tunnel is built normally and thus encrypted, things should work.
Of course, we run into the crash.

The trick was I tried it on OpenBSD/Sparc where there is no-such-thing as
"Flash back to the BIOS" and it turns out a Sun "watchdog timer" is getting
hit.  Watchdog timers on i386 must cause the BIOS to reset. So the problem is
in-kernel and the config is probably too obscure for developers to spend time

My solution was to re-IP my network properly, and use IP Supernets/
summarization/ subnet aggregation thus consolidating the need for so many
spokes on a hub-and-spoke VPN config.


> I noticed that there were no responses to your thread, but I was wondering
> if you had worked out your problem or if you decided to go the ipsec
> encapsulated in gre.
> Cheers,
> /Jason
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