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Re: double "von" , wrong ","

Steffen (Daode) Nurpmeso
Sebastian Rother <[hidden email]> wrote:
 |Dear OpenBSD Team,
 |After reading the Website I noticed a double "von" at
 | .
 |It is in the description for PowerCrypt
 |"IPsec-Code wurde von von Mitgliedern der"


 |Same Website there is a wrong ",".


 |The whole part is badly written and might should get rephrased.

I will find time to overhaul [de] a bit more.
In the meanwhile two paragraphs must suffice.

 |But the "," before the "und" ist simply wrong.


 |My suggestion would be:

Aaeeeh – no.

 |The other descriptions of the Companies have drawbacks as well so maybe
 |it should get considered
 |to just list the Companies shortly and not write a marketing description
 |of their products.

Oh – yes!  I totally agree and find this is a good suggestion.  Or
at least actualizing it and not using words like `intelligent' and
`sophisticated'.  They are so ordinary, are they?  [Shiver]

 |Sorry for the sacasm. :)

Absolutely fine with that.  Sometimes that is all one has left.

 |Kind regards,