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Re: OpenBSD and Amsterdam

Dear Peter,

On 28-02-12 07:59, Peter Miller wrote:

> Hello Floor and Chefren,
> my name is Peter Miller, and I am traveling back to Houston this week
> and will be in Amsterdam from Thursday to Saturday (flight is on
> Sunday), and thought it might be a good chance to meet some other
> OpenBSD'ers.
> I hope you don't mind me contacting you, but I have noticed the OpenBSD
> release parties in Amsterdam, and you two seem to be the ones organizing
> them.
> I have been using OpenBSD for about 3 years now, but don't really know
> anyone inside the community, and thought this would be a good chance.
> I understand this is very short notice, and a little strange, so if you
> can't or don't want to, that's fine.
> Thanks for your time.


I CC'ed [hidden email] so more people of this region know about you.

Unfortunately I'm not in Amsterdam during most of the period. Thursday
evening I have an appointment that has a small chance it might get canceled.