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Re: OPenBSD 6.7 as a Q35 KVM guest (SOLVED)

Carlos Lopez
Hi all another time,

 Problem is solved ... I had made a mistake: I had disabled the nic offloading options for this guest. By enabling them again, everything works.

Many thanks.

On 20/05/2020, 09:34, "Carlos Lopez" <[hidden email]> wrote:

    Hi all,

     I just set up an OpenBSD 6.7 kvm guest on an RHEL8.2 server and selected q35 instead of pc as a machine type. Everything seems to be working fine, except for the network interfaces (virtio interfaces). They don't work.

     On the other hand, if I modify q35 by pc, everything works correctly. Do I have to change any parameter or option in OpenBSD to use q35 as a machine type, or is it simply not supported?

    C. L. Martinez