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Re: NEW port courier-authlib-0.56

Zoltan Gyula Beck

  I've a notes with this port, I tried to install with ldap support, and I
got the following error:

env REFETCH=true FLAVOR="no_pwd no_mysql no_pgsql no_userdb" make install

*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/mail/courier-authlib (line 1778 of
/usr/sbin/pkg_create: Exactly one single package name is required: Makefile
distinfo files patches pkg w-courier-authlib-0.56
w-courier-authlib-0.56-no_pwd-no_mysql-no_pgsql-no_userdb Error code 1 -P
databases/openldap:openldap-client-2.*:openldap-client-2.2.27p0 -P
lang/expect,no_tk:expect-*:expect-5.43.0-no_tk -P
mail/courier-authlib:courier-authlib-*:courier-authlib-0.56 -W lber.7.20 -W
ldap.7.20 Stop in /usr/ports/mail/courier-authlib (line 2376 of
/usr/ports/infrastructure/mk/ -B
Usage: pkg_create [-hnv] [-A arches] [-B pkg-destdir] [-D name=value]
       [-i iscript] [-k dscript] [-L localbase] [-M displayfile]
       [-P pkg-dependency] [-p prefix] [-r rscript] [-S pkg-destdir]
       [-U undisplayfile] [-W wantedlib] -c desc -d desc -f packinglist
===>  Cleaning for courier-auth-ldap-0.56
rm -f /usr/ports/packages/i386/all/courier-auth-ldap-0.56.tgz
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/mail/courier-authlib (line 1956 of
*** Error code 1

  Best Regards


Zoltan Gyula Beck
Tel.:   +36-70-217-9221
E-Mail: [hidden email]