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Attached is a draft of my revision of Charlie/Stuart's port of vtk8.

Moved to graphics/.

Revised to use KITS which fixes the Python 3.7 build.  Using KITS
requires a new list of SHARED_LIBS; this plus Python slightly reduces
the number of shared libs.

Reviewing the CMake files it seems only Python 3.7 not 3.8 is
supported. (Type punning issue in 3.8)

Some libraries in base or ports are now included, as listed in the
Makefile.  What I do know is only the following work:

- libharu from ports is mandatory (patched for OpenBSD)
- glew from ports is mandatory (patched for OpenBSD)
- lz4 from ports is mandatory (bugfixes)

And the following from vtk/ThirdParty are mandatory:

- doubleconversion source is modified
- freetype source is modified
- libproj version 4.4 versus 6.3.2 in OpenBSD (API changes)
- libxml source is modified
- verdict source is modified
- xdmf2 source is modified

And the following are untested by me and probably work from ports:

- eigen (but version diff 3.3.4 vs 3.2.2 in OpenBSD)
- expat (2.2.5 vs 2.2.8)
- gl2ps (1.4.0 vs 1.4.2)
- hdf5 (1.10.1 vs 1.10.6)
- jsoncpp (1.8.3 vs 1.8.4)
- netcdf (unknown vs 4.7.4)
- ogg (unknown vs 1.3.4)
- pugixml (source code lib, 1.8 vs 1.9)
- theora (1.1 vs 1.2)
- zlib (1.2.11 vs 1.2.5 but OpenBSD has some changes)

I have lightly tested the C++ and Python examples, but not the Qt,
OpenMPI, or threads integrations.

Examples/ is included in source but there is also a tar file from

Data for the examples is in github long-term-storage, which is
inconvenient to obtain so for example try

for the html description and

for the datafile itself.

Documentation for the API is bundled in




vtk8_draft.tgz (37K) Download Attachment