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Re: List arc-Devices at website are outdated+ an idea

Jason McIntyre-2
On Wed, Oct 02, 2013 at 11:36:17PM +0200, Sebastian Rother wrote:

> Dear Jason,
> I know that maintaining a list of Devices during multiple Websites is
> not easy
> (well ServerSide Includes might be helpfull but I assume nobody likes SSI)
> so I ask you briefly to maybe consider to simply REMOVE the List of
> supported
> devices by a driver and simply point people to the manpage.
> The manpage normaly gets updated but all the Websites offen lack an
> update so this would make sense.
> Example1:
> The list of supported devices of Areca Technology Corporation is
> incomplete related to the driver manual.
> But not everybody might consider to read the manual as well and compare
> the list of supported devices.
> So people might could think that a ML1680 is not supported even if it's
> clearly specified in the manpage.
> Example2:
> Another example is the AHC-Driver.
> It mentions far LESS devices then the website. So what is now true?!
> Example3:
> AIC is alright because the website lists everything the driver lists as
> well.
> So would it maybe make sense simply point people to the driver manpages
> and to take care that those include all required informations?
> Also I would like to see an additional part added to the platform websites:
> Like: <title> My Device is not supported! What can I do?
> If you have a USB Device please provide the folowing data: <required
> commands to run to get all data>
> If you have a card or if the device is onboard please provide the
> following data: <required commands ...>
> Maybe we don't know your device because we don't own it. <link to the
> donation website!>Consider to Donate
> money and/or devices to further improve OpenBSD!<link ends here>
> Maybe this also should move into the FAQ as well! :)
> Why? I strumbled over some mails in the archive where it was just about
> device/vendor IDs to make a device work.
> This could get maybe used to simply fetch device IDs wich would have
> been supported if they would be at the driver.
> So maybe this could improve such situations and or point out what's
> supported and what's not (to the developers!).
> I just doubt a simple dmesg would be enought (specialy maybe for ACPI
> related issues).
> If you like to have a diff please do let me know!
> I did not yet wanted to make diff's against all Websites and in the end
> it was all for nothing
> so I ask you about your oppinion first. :)
> Kind regards,
> Sebastian

hi, sebastian.

in the past we did make these changes for wireless cards (and maybe some
other stuff) because it was getting unmanageable. i see it's now
slightly out of date, so we've obviously not kept on top of it.

for other devices, i think it would make sense to move them to this
format - we simply list the drivers, and point to the pages. maybe other
folks have other ideas, but it makes sense to me. however i'd prefer it if
someone else stepped up to oversee doing that. i will try and at least
update the wireless list.

as to your faq idea, i suggest you put together a small diff and see if
anyone bites.