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Re: Kernel panic probably linked to inteldrm

Jérôme Frgacic
Ok, after further investigations, my problem does not seems to be linked
with inteldrm. The kernel panic seems to happen randomly with or without
inteldrm enabled.

Nevertheless, if I disable inteldrm, I can access ddb when the panic
happen (I don't know why, BTW) and I get this.

kernel: double fault trap, code=0
Stopped at restore_saved+0x1e: xorq 0x30(%rsp),%r11

I have no stack trace with the ???trace??? command and the command ???show
panic??? tells me that the kernel do not panic (which is... strange?). If
I correctly look at the kernel sources, restore_saved seems to be called
by cpu_switchto which is responsible to switch processes between the
different processors.

Any idea about this problem?