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Han Boetes
Kjell Wooding wrote:

> CVSROOT: /cvs
> Module name: src
> Changes by: [hidden email] 2005/11/11 11:51:50
> Modified files:
> usr.bin/mg     : fileio.c
> Log message:
> Now that we have an editable minibuffer, revert parsing of
> "//" and "/~" as '/' and '~' respectively. I know emacs does it,
> but it is weird, and breaks things that foolishly use filenames
> like "/tmp//crontab.xxxx".
> Proddings from matthieu and deraadt. Error report from Bernd Ahlers.

I beg to differ. The // and /~ feature is great. emacs also
doesn't understand /tmp//, but it should IMHO. I'll
report this issue to the emacs developers.

If / doesn't exit mg/emacs should s|//|/| and search
for that file, since that is also a valid way to write a filename.

# Han