RPi TFT Display on PINE64 ROCK64

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RPi TFT Display on PINE64 ROCK64

Johannes Krottmayer

I would like to start a driver project for the Waveshare RPi
TFT display to use it on ROCK64. Currently I use a clone of the
display from Elagoo.

Technical data:
- 320x480 screen resolution and 262K colors
- Ilitek ILI9486 display controller
- XPT2046 (ADS7846) touch screen ADC

Datasheets for display controller and touch ADC
are available.

TODO (first milestone):
- SPI driver for ROCK64
- Framebuffer driver for display controller (via SPI)

I think the imxspi.c and ssdfb.c driver are good starting points.

Somebody interested in this project?

Best regards,

Johannes K.