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Caroline Pein
Hello from Austria,

i ordered some T-shirts fom the Site:
In the European SECURE Web Ordering Form i typed my mailadress at hotmail.
Now i have two problems: 1, i have no idea, how much the shipping is from the states to austria and how long i have to wait till i get the shirts.
                                           2, i also have no glue if i really ordered-i never got any reaction from open bsd.

This is also not my first try to get in contact with this firm.
Please try to help me with that.I need the shirts as christmas presents-i ordered in the beginning of november.
I got no mail, so i have no ordering number or custumer number or something simular....

I can only tell you my adress, where i want the shirts to be sent:

Caroline Pein
Hahngasse 15/23
1090 Wien

I really hope you can help me....

Thanks a lot.

Greetings from vienna,

Caroline Pein
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