Question about OpenBSD as accesspoint with EAP-TLS

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Question about OpenBSD as accesspoint with EAP-TLS

Aleksandar Lazic
Dear Listmembers.

After reading a lot about 802.1x authentication I hope you can help me
to clarify some open questions.

1.) When I have more then one Certificate is a radius server mandatory?
2.) I think that the freeradius server is the server I will use, any
objections for this SW?
3.) Have anybody used this setup and have some hints and tips to avoid

Thank you for your help.

Best regards

Some Links I have read.

wpaakms akm,akm,...
              Set the comma-separated list of allowed authentication and
              management protocols.

              The supported values are ``psk'' and ``802.1x''.  psk
              authentication (also known as personal mode) uses a 256-bit
              shared key.  802.1x authentication (also known as
              mode) is used with an external IEEE 802.1X authentication
              such as wpa_supplicant.  The default value is ``psk''.  
              can only be used if a pre-shared key is configured using
              wpakey option.