Problem booting OpenBSD on Acer TravelMate 230/233X laptop

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Problem booting OpenBSD on Acer TravelMate 230/233X laptop

Michael Bombardieri
Hi there,

I'm sending this email to report that OpenBSD fails to boot directly on
my laptop.
The laptop is an Acer TravelMate 230 (233X).
The Acer website for the TravelMate 230 series laptops are at
General specifications for my laptop model are at

The laptop is currently running both FreeBSD 5.4 and MS Windows XP happily.
In the past, NetBSD 2.0 and Debian Linux were running on this machine.
It doesn't seem like there's any hardware fault in the laptop to me
because I've never experienced any similar problem booting these
other operating systems.
Maybe a harware support issue?

I have tried booting an OpenBSD kernel a few different ways on the
laptop... without success.

1. Directly from an unofficial OpenBSD CD (ISO from ---
OpenBSD versions 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9.
2. From the OliveBSD live-cd, homepage at
<> (the live-cd is an OpenBSD 3.8 system).
3. From the 3.9 floppies: floppy39.fs, floppyB39.fs and floppyC39.fs at

I don't own an official OpenBSD CD (sorry!), otherwise I would also have
tested booting from this.
The kernel error message is always the same, that a fatal page fault
The attached file, dmesg_acer_travelmate_233X.jpg, is a photo of the
error message.

I HAVE booted OpenBSD successfully on this laptop using the VMware
(version 4.5) x86 emulation software running under MS Windows XP.
But what good is installing OpenBSD on the laptop if I have to boot
Windows XP to use it?

It looks like someone has got OpenBSD working on Acer Travelmate 2303LC,
& <>, but this is a different
model to mine.

I hope the above info is of some use to you.
Please let me know if there something I can do to get OpenBSD working.
Thanks for your time.

-- Michael Bombardieri

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