Poor memory performance, amd64 obsd3.8

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Poor memory performance, amd64 obsd3.8

Terry Vernon-2
Tyan Thunder K8S s2448 Mobo

Dual Opteron 848 (2.2ghz 1mb 64b)

Registered ECC DDR 400mhz memory at 2GB (4x512mb)

Dual 36GB 10k rpm scsi (LSI controller)

Dual gigE Broadcom Ethernet ports.

OpenBSD 3.8 amd64 bsd.mp GENERIC kernel (no mods)


I have experienced terrible memory performance results while testing my
system with ubench. My processors perform better on obsd 3.8 than linux
2.4.21smp but the memory performance for random reading, writing, store, and
delete tasks are terrible according to ubench. These numbers are only used
for comparison as there is no chart, but on obsd the performance numbers are
rounded at 69,000 and on the linux kernel it's 329000. ubench can be used
from the current ports tree, it's the one I use.


Are there any caveats or pitfalls I'm running into here or is something else
at play?


Does anyone know of plans to port a newer release of gcc for amd64
architectures? (as I think recompiling the source tree might help a bit but
the current gcc is dated before opterons were supported fully, no
-march=opteron option)


Thanks for any information.