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William Palfreman
Hi all. I'm building an internal router for my home network with Carp, one
half a Virtualbox AMD64 vm, the other side my Pine64 doing vlans.

Had lots of trouble initially with the 6.2 Release, but since I put the 8th
Nov snapshot onto the Pine64, things got lots better. Much more networking,
disk usage feels much faster (haven't quantified) and the boot up kernel
relink now works.

Saw lots of strange things with the dwxe0 interface and the 8th Nov
snapshot. Lots of times it would just stop (especially after a reboot) and
the dwxe_watchdog would alarm on the console. But if I left it alone it
often resolved itself.

I found it wouldn't do IP in dwxe0 and a vlan interface at the same time.
But since I switched it to all vlan (that is, the three vlans for a carp
router and no IP on dwxe0) it seems to be working fine.

I'll probably try out the 11th Nov snapshot this evening before I bring up
Carp. Let me know if there is anything I can usefully test for you.

Bill Palfreman.