Pine64 SMP, memory, wifi

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Pine64 SMP, memory, wifi
Apologies if this has been explained or discussed before, but I noticed
that there's no SMP support in 6.2 for the SoC the Pine64 runs. It installs
fine and conveniently (nice job!) but OpenBSD detects just one of the four
CPU cores. Does anyone know if there's any progress on extending this?

I also noticed that out of the 1GB of RAM on my board 120MB is missing,
presumably for framebuffer and such. Is it possible to tune the amount of
memory reserved for the GPU?

Lastly, I'm curious about the possibility that SDIO support will show up,
to make the WiFi module usable. If it might help, I happen to have a spare
WiFi module lying around that I'd gladly send to one of the developers.