Panic kernel after "startx"

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Panic kernel after "startx"

I've been interested in OpenBSD for some time (in a near future I want to use OpenBSD almost exclusively).

Since I've an old laptop (ASUS K50IJ) I decided to finally try OpenBSD. Before installation I read the appropriate parts in the book of Michael Lucas, Absolute OpenBSD: Unix for the practical paranoid.

After several installations I manage to install correctly OpenBSD 6.1. In terminal everything is OK, e.g. pkg_add works flawlessly. The problem is when startx there is immediately a kernel panic
or if it enters in fvwn when I Ctrl+Alt+Backspace  I get a kernel panic. I tried several things, e.g. installed xfce and the same problem. I tried to use cwm (as stated in the book of Lucas) and was not able to get it working.

I would be very grateful if someone can help me with this issue.

Attached I'm sending the appropriate files.